Melanoma with Mel is a tablet optimised website targeted at educating young people about the signs and symptoms of Melanoma in people of colour in a fun and light-hearted way by making use of gamification principles.
Project background
This project came from a D&AD New Blood awards brief. The challenge was to develop an idea which not only raises awareness of melanoma in people of colour but also drives change and allows people to receive the treatment they need, focusing in particular on young black people.
Project aims
Point 1: To create a meaningful impact on people's lives.
Point 2: To create awareness, drive diagnosis and allow people to receive the treatment they need.
Point 3: To focus on melanoma in people of colour around the globe.
These personas were a good starting point for this project, I didn't have any previous knowledge on the topic of melanoma in coloured skin and before beginning to design a product to tackle this issue, I wanted to see how people felt about the situation at the moment. Creating the personas, then helped me filter through information to pick out the key points I wanted to tackle and made the project seem significantly easier to manage. 
Initial Idea 
Melanoma with Mel is an educational website, target at young people of coloured and black skin. This website will combine learning with gamification to create a more engaging and interactive experience allowing young people to learn more about the signs and symptoms of melanoma in black and coloured skin. As well as this it allows young people to actively support the cause by purchasing branded merchandise which will not only support those working towards change by donating profits but will also promote the Melanoma with Mel brand allowing for more exposure and there for reaching more users.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Moscow Model
This MoSCoW model was very interesting, after creating an initial layout I received feedback from a parent who said they would be less likely to download an application if they had to sign up to use it. Given this I readjusted my project to focus on a website first tablet design as doing this would allow for easy access for children in school and at home and eliminates the need to go through the downloading process. 
Early Wireframes prototype
By creating these early wireframes, I was able to carry out initial user testing. Although due to Covid-19 restrictions this testing was limited to users within my household, it still provided insight into areas of improvement and helped to catch any small errors before proceeding to the final design phase.
Style Development
The first colour scheme uses warm eye-catching and dynamic colours which complement the colour of the main characters skin tone. The second colour scheme uses more calming and fresh colours to create a more relaxed, easy going aesthetic to contrast with the serious nature of the melanoma topic.
Final design
These are some of the final screen designs for Melanoma with Mel. This was a very exciting project for me and a topic which I am still interested in learning more about, I hope to develop this project further in the future. I think the final designs are eye catching and fit the brief well as they tackle a very serious topic in a manner which is more light-hearted and digestible for children. The final video below shows more of the final designs and how they would work together.

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