This zine was a passion project which I created in my 4th year at Glasgow Caledonian University after being inspired by a guest speaker who worked with the drinks cabinet. She spoke about the rising popularity of no and low alcohol products. I was very interested by this topic and decided I wanted to design something with this in mind.
Target audience
When doing initial research I found the group least likely to engage with no low products are people aged 25-35, this led me to creating an infographic on how best to target millennials. Through this I discovered that nostalgia marketing works well in exciting this audience and when looking at millennial nostalgia, found that comic books were very popular and decided to incorporate this in my zine.
When creating the zine logo I wanted to incorporate the comic book aspect, due to this I chose a font which is bold and capitalised to look like a comic book title. The outer rings were developed from a birds eye view of a cup filled with liquid to bring in the no low aspect and a target style symbol seen commonly in comic books to appeal to the target audience.
Featured brand
In this project I was able to work with the no low drink brand Caleño. They were able to provide me with these high quality images of their products to be features within the zine I was creating. Talking to this brand was very helpful as they were happy to provide me with as many resources as they could. ​​​​​​​
ZIne style
From my research I was then able to develop a style tile by taking inspiration from classic pop art colours and bold patterns seen in comic books. At this stage in the design process I also specified the type sizes and font which would be used in the final zine taking into account the final document print size.  
Final design
This is the final design of Taste of  No Low. I had this printed through The Newspaper Club as they provided very in depth instructions on how to export the design for print. One of my favourite parts of this zine is the QR codes as I think linking the zine to a digital platform would appeal to the target market.
I believe I have learned a lot throughout this project. I have developed my photoshop skills through editing the images I have included in this zine. I have learned a lot about how to set up and optimise a document for print, including learning about bleeds, margins, crop marks, correct image dpi and many other important features. I have also learned how to communicate with other companies in a professional and confident manner.
You can read the full zine bellow!

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