This project was part my university course and was provided by Seesaw who acted as the client throughout. It looked at developing a new brand for the concept of a new activity bar, mixing the fun of crazy golf with the skill of snooker. The deliverables for this projects were both digital and print based allowing visualisation of how this brand would work across a range of media.
User research
The initial stage of this project looked at doing research into who the target audience would be. From this research I was able to gain three key points to base the target audience around in terms of who is likely to interact with the concept and where there is a gap in the market.
1. Half of regular pub goers in the UK are aged 18-34.
2. 35% of 18-34 year olds would like to see traditional pub games.
3. 61% of females are infrequent pub goers. 
Name Development
After the research phase I began looking to develop names for the brand by using the scapmer method. From the list created I chose three names which I believed had the most potential to create a unique brand which would appeal to the target market. The chart bellow shows what name the target audience found most appealing.
Logo development
These were the three logos which I initially put forward for the client to give feedback on. The feedback I received was that the client liked the first logo most but felt that the design was some what flat and the crazy pool elements could be better signified in the design.
Colour development
To appeal to the target market I wanted to create a modern colour scheme. To help do this I looked at popular colour trends of 2020 and found one to be bright eye catching colours. I then created the mood board shown below to visualise  how bright colours are being used within design today. From this I was also able to take away the use of delicate patterns shown in modern design.
Taking the above client feedback into account I started by adding a light spot to the candy. I also edited the text to better convey  what Candy Cue is, by making this text bold it fits better with the overall design and fades less into the background.
Final Designs
Here are the final designs which I created for the Candy Cue brand. I created a loyalty card to show a fun way which the brand can be represented to customers to keep them interested as collecting stamps acts as a motivator. Three digital campaign ads which advertise the brand whilst also communicating the activity. An Instagram identity and three initial posts to show the brands tone of voice along with the visual identity as you will be able to see it is a very friendly and informal tone. Lastly I created a mock landing page with call to actions to help users engage.
Landing page
This short video shows the landing page features in action and allows for a more in depth idea of how motion can be used in the design to make the page more modern and visually interesting.

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